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We don’t just do online media, we also do leaflets, flyers and business cards at a competitive rate

This is a relatively new service that we have added to our product and service directory.

We have partnered with an awesome printing firm that offers us cheaper rates than it would be for a client. The quality of the print is quite honestly some of the best we have ever seen and we have been in the business for many years.

The speed of delivery again is excellent and w also have the ability to be able to fast-track printing orders, however this is slightly more expensive.

Benefits of print marketing.


You may be surprised but research suggests that more people trust printed advertising more than any other type.

In fact all printing marketing, such as newspaper advertising, posters and leaflets scored higher with consumer trust than any other type of digital marketing. 

Printed marketing such as advertising in newspapers and magazines will tend to ADD credibility to your product or service, while an online pop-up ad will REDUCE the credibility for your product or service.


Research suggests that people are 70% more likely to recall a printed advert than one they have seen online.

This is because people are more likely to scan read online whereas when they read a paper-based print it is more deliberate.

Also with online marketing, your brain is competing with a lot more adverts, links, businesses, etc, all using the same techniques to try and grab your attention. In fact, due to the digital age, people’s attention span has reduced over the last 20 years making it harder to engage with your audience. 


You can print off a lot of leaflets for relatively cheap these days. With most printing services competing for your custome you can find digital printing services or local printing services both have competitive pricing.

Your leaflet can be targeted to the right people in your local area. This is much cheaper and quicker at accessing local business than getting found on google.

If you get a folded leaflet, you can get a lot of information in this to promote your business. This means you don’t have to stick to word counts that are set by, for example, google adwords.



A good leaflet or poster can grab peoples eye quickly if designed well. You can play with the design more freely than you can a website. With different shapes and sizes of paper, 


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