Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for our commonly asked questions. If you don’t find an answer then please feel free to contact us here

Website, Web Design and Website Management Questions

How much do you charge for a website?

Prices vary depending on what website you want. We usually have a generic price for a basic 5-page website that has no plugins or complicated coding. However, we need to know what you want specifically. Get in touch with us to get a quote. Click Here.

How long does it take to build a website?

How long is a piece of string? The answer is dependable on how big you want your website, the level of functionality and how quickly you develop your website content. We will give you an estimate on the discussion of your requirements.

Do you create everything for the website?

Not usually. We expect the customer to create text content and provide us with high-quality images. We will provide you with a form to complete to ensure we have the right content.

If we need to buy plugins, use complex code or get a specialist then this will be discussed with you and will either be part of your initial contract or will be requested to be paid for as an additional cost.

On occasion, we have been asked to create the whole content and provide images. These are charged separately from the website build.

Where should I get my text copy and images for my website?

Your content for your website must be your own work. If it can be found from another source then this is plagiarism and can put you at risk of copyright breach and legal action being taken against you. Where possible you should use your own unique pictures for your business. We can advise on certain websites that you can buy stock images from. If you do use other people’s work then we (as a company) make the assumption that you have gained permission to use this work and we will not be held liable. 

Can I use Facebook photos for my website?

Images submitted for upload should be high def resolution (at least 1920px wide).

We do not recommend using Facebook images as the resolution is too low.

If you would like to use pictures off your Facebook, then please select the pictures you want and email them to us. We will not select the images for you off your Facebook. 

Please note that using Facebook images can affect the quality of your website, due to the poor quality of the photos and we will not be held responsible for drops in traffic or rankings due to this.

You created my website but I can’t find it on Google, Why?

When a website is created it usually takes about 3 months to be found on Google. If you have taken out a management package with us then we will automatically add your website to google analytics and google search and bing search. This will increase the speed of how fast your website is found. We do advise that you take out an SEO package with us to also increase your chance of being found and ranked on Google. However, we do not have any control on search engines so can never guarantee that your website will be found on Google or rank in any position on any search engine.

What do I get as part of my monthly management package?

You will receive one hour of changes to your website a month, we will ensure all security and software updates are completed monthly, as well as ensuring your website is backed up regularly. We will also add analytics to your website and you will receive a monthly report and a phone call from our customer services team letting you know how your website is performing and get advice on how to improve traffic to your website.

What do I get as part of a hosting package?

We host your website. The only technical support you will receive is if your website does not display on a browser.

I want to add a new page to my website, is this covered in my monthly management?

No. A full web page requires a full design, therefore not covered in your monthly management. We add additional pages at our hourly rate of £25 per hour. The cost is dependant on the content of the page.

Where do I send my website change request?

All website changes should be submitted to our specific email address at webchanges@pinksquaremedia.co.uk. Any requests via other forms of communication will not be guaranteed to be seen by our webchanges team, nor can we guarantee that they will be done within 72 hours.

Please use this template so you can check you have sent all the information needed correctly.

What information do you require when I request a website change?

Images submitted for upload should be high def resolution (at least 1920px wide). We do not recommend using Facebook images as the resolution is too low. If you would like to use pictures off your Facebook, then please select the pictures you want and email them to us. We will not select the images for you off your Facebook. 

Please note that using Facebook images can affect the quality of your website, due to the poor quality of the photos and we will not be held responsible for drops in traffic or rankings due to this.

All text must be submitted via a doc file, google doc shares or directly in an email to the webchanges team. Any images of text will not be accepted unless you want the image to be uploaded to your website (e.g. a menu with text on it). We will not convert your image to text as part of the standard management package, however, we can at an additional cost due to time requirements.

Please use this template so you can check you have sent all the information needed correctly.

I sent some changes to you but you have not done them, why?

Please allow up to 3 working days for us to make changes. If they are still not complete then please contact us ASAP on 01229 826626 to ensure we have received them and express your concerns.

Only some of my changes have been done, why?

Your monthly management only allows for one hour of changes per month, if this is likely to take us longer we will either only do part of it and inform you of our reasons why, or we will contact you beforehand and give you options. If there is a lot of work, you will find we will complete the work over a certain amount of time during a working week. Feel free to contact us to clarify why it has not been completed.

Can I save up my monthly hours of changes?

To a degree, yes. However, we allocate all our customers an hour work to their website on a monthly basis so not asking us monthly will not guarantee the extra work to be completed in that month.

I made some changes myself but it has gone wrong. Can you fix it?

If you have a monthly management account then yes. We can either put it back to a previous state or rectify your problem. However, if you have a monthly management package, you should use us to make the changes.

If you have a hosting package only, we can help you fix it at our rate of £25 per hour.

Is the website mine after I pay for it?

Yes. Once you have paid for the website build or completed your 12-month contract the website is yours. Do be aware that the domain name has to be renewed yearly and is never officially yours.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Questions

Why has my website ranking dropped on Google?

Google runs its algorithm through websites on a regular basis. We have absolutely no control of how Google or any other search engine decide how and where you are ranked. If you have an SEO package with us then we will endeavour to get you re-ranked on a higher page, however, due to SEO changes being constant we can never guarantee a page one rank on any search engine. 

If you do not have an SEO package then we can provide you with general advice, however, as stated, we do not guarantee that your website will be found or ranked on Google. Have a read of our blogs about ways to improve your website rankings 

10 reasons why your website might have lost ranking on google search

5 Quick SEO Fixes

What is local SEO and why is it so important for generating leads?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or local search marketing is a digital marketing tactic used by businesses to promote products and services to local customers. Improving your local SEO will help boost your online visibility and gets you seen by more potential customers.

I’ve paid for an SEO package but noticed no change on my ranking?

SEO is not an overnight fix, it is an investment in your business. Occasionally it will work quickly, however, we have found it takes between 3-6 months to see significant changes to your ranking. Depending on how many hours SEO you have monthly will determine how fast your rankings will improve. You will only see changes in rankings in regards to the keywords discussed at the beginning of your package. As stated, our aim is to get you as high as possible on Google, however, we can never guarantee a page one ranking.

I had an SEO package but now my website has dropped in ranking, why?

SEO is a constantly changing process. We have no control over how Google decides where a website will be ranked. We use tried and tested solutions that can help increase your website ranking but there are no guarantees. We are constantly researching how Google changes its way it looks at ranking. If you stop your package we have no responsibility to ensure you stay at that position. We always advise customers to take out a long term lead generation package, which consists of an hour SEO a month and 24 Social media posts (8 posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) a month. This helps increase backlinks as well as allows us to do some small onsite and offsite SEO on your website.

How do I know if there are any improvements to my SEO?

You will receive a monthly report showing the improvements to your on-site and off-site SEO and its position on Google from the keywords specified.

Social Media Management Questions

What Social Media platforms do you post to?

When you take a package with us, we will post on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, unless otherwise requested. We do post to other social media platforms however these are also on request.

How often do you post?

This depends on the package you take with us. We always recommend at least 3 times a week as a Social media package. However, we do offer a Leads Generation Package which includes an hour SEO and 8 posts a month.

Do you create the content for the social media posts?

Where possible you should send us your own unique pictures for your business. We do expect you to be involved monthly, informing us of any new or exciting things that are happening with your business in the next month. This will help keep the content fresh and engaging for your followers and potential customers. However, we are a creative bunch so can work with minimal input. We will create image posts for you as these are more likely to get engagement than just written content. Copyright issues are a bit laxer on social media but we always err on the side of caution.

You said you have scheduled my posts but I can’t see them when I login to my social media?

This is because we use social media posting software so this is not scheduled directly on your social media platforms.

I don’t have any new followers and nobody is liking or sharing your posts?

We do not have control of who sees your social media posts. We do use hashtags and encourage our businesses to be actively involved with each other, however, it is not our responsibility to increase likes or follows. We help you post regularly so social media, Search engines and potential customers know that your business is still active. We also encourage you as a business to remain actively involved with all your social media by posting yourself and sharing and liking ours and your own posts. Encourage staff to also become more actively involved with your social media. Being active on social media is important for SEO purposes, which is why social media posts are part of our lead generation package.

How do Social Media posts tie into lead generation?

Social media is a form of word of mouth. We need to be social to be found. Being active on social media allows potential customers to know that you are still an active business. Social Media posts also can provide backlinks to your website, which is great for SEO. The use of hashtags (#) on the 3 social media platforms allows for potential customers to find you without following you.

Do you create video posts for Social Media?

If you require video posts then this will be under a different contract from our video production services.

Google Ads/Pay Per Click (PPC) Questions

Why can’t I see my business in the google ad section of search?

Paying for advertising on Google does not guarantee you to be seen or be in a certain position on Google. There is more to their ranking system than the amount of money you throw at it.

I’ve been paying for 3 months and not seen any ROI?

We never guarantee a return of income from PPC. Our role is to increase traffic and leads using the PPC system, we cannot guarantee an increase in conversions but can make educated guesses at why they are not converting by using tracking on your site.

I’ve had no feedback on how my Google AdWords are performing?

We do not generally give any performance indication in the first 3 months of starting a Google Ad campaign. This is due to the initial set up of your Google Ads. If it has been 3 months, then please feel free to contact us.

Graphic and Logo Design Questions

COMING SOON (some general info for now)

Clients will be given a form to outline the specifications of their graphic design. We will provide three examples which the client will pick to move forward with. You shall be entitled to three revisions. Any revisions beyond this shall be chargeable at a rate of £25 per revision. The client must approve the project finalisation. The graphic design will remain the property of PinkSquare Media until the full receipt of payment. The client will be given their graphic design in different graphic formats and will become their property. Although PinkSquare Media often keep a backup of the work, we advise that you keep your final graphic design safe as we cannot guarantee we will keep a copy and have no legal requirement to do so. The client has the right to terminate their graphic design at any time, however, you will pay us in full for the time we’ve spent working until that point.


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