Pink Guarantee.


Our Offer. Guaranteed or your money back.


We as an organisation are committed to demonstrating our promise to you as a valued client of PinkSquare Media. This means that we are liable to refund you 100 per-cent of the initial invoice fee, on the premise of us not delivering our search engine optimisation as initially agreed.  Our agreement extends to all additional services beyond the initial invoice; strictly search engine optimisation services. Our agreement will only apply to the ‘search term(s)’ discussed with you through our company communications channels. ‘Search Terms’ will have been communicated between both PinkSquare Media and the client, agreed upon and incorporated into the service package provided by Pink Square Media. This does not extend to any other terms that your website may get searched for. This does not apply to any other agreements or contracts that may already exist with PinkSquare Media, prior to 18/10/2018.

The domain name will be registered in your name and to your trading (business) address. At the point of registration this becomes your property, and is legally owned. The domain name needs renewing on a per annum basis; the cost of this is covered in the monthly management fee of £15 (every month) as shown on the invoice. The monthly management fee also covers the hosting of your website. In the event of cancellation or leaving PinkSquare Media services, your domain name can be transferred to any third party of your choosing. This service will cost £25; unless it is possible through sharing the same provider to reduce this. Our provider is a third party organisation that has no control, ownership or stake in PinkSquare Media.

Timescales. The Pink Guarantee has a minimum timescale of 4 weeks to be able to ensure our search engine optimisation promise to you. This however can be extended, you will receive a pipeline timescale once the initial invoice has been credited to PinkSquare Media. It will also be discussed during our consultation, this will gives us enough time to complete all of the services outlined and agreed upon. If you reach the stated first page before the timescale the guarantee becomes null and void.

No hidden costs, no hidden fees – just The Pink Guarantee